Patient Information

How to make a new patient appointment:

  • We accept referrals from physicians, hospitals, families and any individual who may feel worried about their cognition and would like an evaluation.
  • To schedule an evaluation, call 631-954-2323 or click here to submit your information and someone will get back to you to answer your request.
  • Some paperwork is required for your intial evaluation. You may download the paperwork here, or request the paperwork be mailed to you. (All completed paperwork can be returned by mail or faxed to 631-632-5870.

New Patient Visit:

The assessment of a new patient requires approximately 1 ½ hours. 

A caregiver that knows the patient is highly encouraged to attend the new patient appointment. The caregiver has an extremely important role during the initial evaluation. 

At the first visit to our center, any tests that have been previously performed should be brought with you to the appointment for review. These include: blood tests, neuropsychological testing, CT, MRI, and PET scans.

New Patient Visit Expectations

Background History:
The patient undergoes a full neurological exam. The specialized team collects background information regarding the patient's past and present symptoms.

The caregiver is always welcome to meet with the physician or staff separately to discuss their observations of their loved one's current symptoms.

Cognitive Testing:
We use paper and pencil tests, oral questions, sensory and other measures to assess memory, language, perceptions, and concentration. We utilize a comprehensive approach that is backed by research and tailored to our patients.

The physician will review their findings with the patient and their family. Additional testing may be necessary (for example: brain imaging or further neuropsychological testing) and will be performed separately. The physician's differential diagnosis is reviewed with The Alzheimer's Center's Team and disseminated to the patient and there family.

Repeat Visits:
After your visit you and your family will be advised of the patient's treatment plan and course of follow up. Your family will be made an appointment to follow up with the staff social worker to receive further guidance regarding the care of your loved one. Patient will receive a follow up appointment for 2 to 4 weeks from the date of their initial evaluation.

With consent our team will contact your physician to review results of your evaluation and provide any technical assistance/guidance that they require.