1. Memory Loss that Disrupts Daily Life — Forgetting recently learned information, recent events or important dates
  2. Challenges in Planning or Solving Problems — Trouble keeping track of monthly bills or following a known recipe
  3. Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks — Difficulty remembering rules of favorite game, following work budget, getting to familiar places
  4. Confusion with Time or Place — Difficulty remembering were one is, losing track of dates, not knowing season, difficulty understanding something if it is not happening immediately
  5. Trouble Understanding Visual Images/Spatial Relationships — Difficulty judging distance or determining color or contrast
  6. New Problems with Words, Speaking, or Writing — Difficulty starting/joining conversation, repeat oneself, or be unable to find a known word
  7. Misplacing things/ Losing Ability to Retrace Steps — Frequently loss things and be unable to retrace steps
  8. Decreased or Poor Judgment — Giving away large sums of money, paying less attention to grooming or cleaning oneself
  9. Withdrawal from Work or Social Activities — Stopping pleasurable hobbies activities with no clear reason and/or avoiding social gatherings
  10. Changes in Mood or Personality — Change in personality in which person may be more confused, fearful, anxious, or suspicious and becoming more easily upset when one is out of their comfort zone